Who is XM?

XM is a leading global trading brokerage that has the world wide branches and Partners of network over six continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, South and North America, and Australia.

Since the initial establishment of the firm in 2009, the number of clients has increased and reached to some millions.

With the vision of XM, ”Big, Fair, and Human”, the company has been advancing steadily their services to the best and awarded with Industry selection of World Finance 100.

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Advantages of XM’s Service

Traders may feel dazzled by the various attractive services. Here, BESTFX states briefly on promotion and leverage.

First to begin with promotion, it is a great opportunity for every traders to open a Real Accountwith Free trading bonus of 30 dollars. Either you are a newbie in Forex trading or looking for a new broker, it is a splendid superb merit to try out the REAL account rather than opening a DEMO account.

Next, the level of leverage is offered up to 1:888. The sky high leverage, of course, might not suit for primary level of clients. However, the possibility of selecting such a high leverage may knock the door on the abundant potential profitable opportunities traders can take. At least, XM provides ‘dreams‘ of profit that traders can experience.

It goes without saying that the use of high leverage in trading may lead to the high risk as well. However the experienced and professional traders can measure the risk level and see the chance as if a talented surfer can see the high tide as a chance to ride on.

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XM Company Information

XM is a brand name, which is founded in 2009. XM has acquired a few licenses from three different countries: Cyprus, Australia, Belize. It is noted that the registered company name is different in each country. Also, you may need to pay attention about private websites or blogs stating inaccurate information of license. BESTFX advises our readers to check the source of information!

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About the safety of money that clients deposit, XM has a strict policy for Segregation of Clients’ funds. Once a client deposits, the fund is separated to the Company’s segregated clients’ bank account. Therefore, there is no chance for the company to divert the clients’ fund for its own use.

In addition, the company has a system to be checked by an external credible Auditing firm. Should any unethical and unreasonable use of clients’ fund is discovered, the external system would indicate.

XM’s Trading and Service Conditions

Financial Instruments

XM offers a wide range of financial instruments, so called 7 assets: Forex, Stock CFDs, Commodities, Equity Indices, Precious Metals, Energies and Shares. Each of these instruments is categorized and lined up in the website precisely and easily to check. It is one of strong merits in XM that over 1000 financial products are trad-able. Traders can do all in one company. XM will always make you satisfied fully!

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Hedging and Scalping

For more experienced traders, it is good news. The use of trading strategy such hedging, scalping techniques is allowed. By hedging traders can open a long and a short position in the same size simultaneously. The strategy is used to protect for trader from losses at the fast shift of the market.

In the meantime, in case you are hedging the same position and size over counter-broker, you may be spotted after a while. It should be noted that some hedging affect the company negatively in trade, so if you use‘unique’ hedging we would suggest to ask XM in advance. Scalping is a trading strategy to get profits from small market changes for a few seconds to a few minutes by repeating multiple trades in a day.

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XM offers Cryptocurrency trading in MT5. Traders need to download MT5 instead of MT4 if they want to trade Cryptocurrency. There are 5 types of currencies offered in the platform :

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  • Ethereum(ETH/USD)
  • Litecoin(LTC/USD)
  • Dash (DSH/USD)
  • Ripple XRP(XRP/USD)

These are considered to be major Cryprtocurrencies. It is a convenient advantage for traders to be able to trade not only usual financial products, but also those currencies.

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XM’s Trading Account Types

There are 4 types of trading accounts offered in XM.
Each account provides unique aspects in that of minimum deposit, base currency, maximum positions and so on.
Here, at the below table, we categorized the accounts separately for beginners and intermediate to advanced traders

For beginners

  Micro Account Standard Account
Minimum Deposit 5USD 5USD
Base Currency USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF,‎
Minimum Spread on Major Currencies 1pip- 1pip-
Leverage 1:888 1:888
Maximum Position 200 200
Lot Restriction per ticket 100 Lots 50 Lots
Commission NO NO

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For intermediate/advanced traders

  Ultra low Account Shares Account
Minimum Deposit 10USD 10,000USD
Base Currency EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, ZAR, SGD USD
Minimum Spread on Major Currencies 0.6pips- As per the underlying exchange
Leverage 1:888 No leverage
Maximum Position 200 200
Lot Restriction per ticket standard ultra 50
micro ultra 100
Depending on each share
Commission NO YES

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On the leverage, note that depending on the fund in your trading balance, the change of leverage level is due.

  • $5 – $20,000 :1:1 to 1:888
  • $20,001 – $100,000:1:1 to 1:200
  • $100,001 + : 1:1 to 1:100

Fund Deposit and Withdrawal with XM

To state, the destiny of the FX broker depends on payments’ methods, cannot be a mere exaggeration. We see nowadays the fast move of financial condition affecting on the money transfer from one country to another. In case a prevalent payment method in a country can be banned or halted, the event affects the trader to continue to trade because they cannot deposit anymore.

Well, XM is always well-prepared. They understand the market and financial climate’ up and down. They are innovative and exploring constantly what the best and convenient methods are for their traders. Therefore, new methods are introduced and employed for the time ahead.

XM offers multiple payment methods such as credit cards, electronic wallet, international bank transfer, local bank transfer. You can deposit with any currency, no worry even if your country’s currency is not much common in the market. It would be transferred to your base currency in your account anyway.

Deposit Funds to XM

Convenient Payment Methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Electronic Wallet
  • International Bank Transfer
  • Local Bank Transfer
  • Other methods

XM is prompt to seek a new way of payment in order to make the customers to deposit and withdraw easily. It would be the best way to suggest them if you have a new idea to bring your favorite payment method.
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Bonus Promotions of XM

Are there any brokers out there which can offer such innovative and sustainable promotions other than XM?! This giant broker has been offering uncountable varieties of bonus promotions since the beginning of establishment.

The stance of promotion to dedicate and serve their clients has not changed at all for long period, and always XM pursued the vision to be the NO 1 FX broker through providing especially attractive bonus promotions.

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$30 trading bonus

Let’s start from the promotional campaign for new account opening. If you are a new to XM, you can get a 30 USD (equivalent to your base currency) bonus credit by opening an account. It is automatically credit to your account and can trade with this bonus credit.

Of course trades do not need to make a deposit. This is totally free! As this is a bonus credit, it is not withdraw-able. You can only withdraw the profit in case your trade wins.

The next step for receiving a bonus is to proceed depositing. If you are still hesitant to spend your own money, there is no need to worry about the amount. You can start to deposit from 5 USD. In order to get a bonus, please sign up for an account registration now!

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$50 deposit bonus up to $500 + 20$ deposit bonus up to $4500

You may get surprised how generous offer of deposit bonus! Remind that it is a trading bonus, but not cash bonus. You can receive the bonus according to the amount of deposit you made, and can use the bonus, but only what you can withdraw is your own fund and profit. Trading bonus would never be withdrawn. However, it is still generous offer than nothing given for taking your trading opportunity.

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Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program is designed to motivate to continue trading to all clients. Through the loyalty program you can join in XM, you can accumulate POINTS as you trade. The more you collect points, the more you can get a chance to redeem into credit bonus rewards. If you are a big fan of ‘collecting points’ thrill, this is a chance to sign up an account.

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XM’s Trading Tools

Welcome to XM school of Research and Education! On the matter of trading education, XM elaborates each subject specifically and purposefully. In addition, it is well equipped to be all in one like trading school. They prepares all sort of devices such as trading tools, videos, seminars, market analysis so that you are well prepared to start and move on to the next step further. BESTFX explains some of major trading education here: Live Education,Forex Seminar, Trading Tools.

Live Education:

In XM, total seven experienced Forex instructors are prepared to help traders to improve and increase their trading knowledge through LIVE education everyday. There are 3 different levels of Education Rooms.

  • Primary Education Room
  • Intermediate Education Room
  • Advanced Education Room

As the education room is categorized from beginner’s level to experienced, the participants can avoid a confusion which education room to attend. It is conducted from 8am in the morning to 3pm or 5pm afternoon in weekdays. All the instruction is given in English.

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Trading tools:

In XM’s official site, there are 5 trading tools announced, specifically provided by Avramis Despotis with over 20 years of experience in financial market and Founder and CEO of Tradepedia LLC. This is because of marketing reason too. The instructors are all from Tradepedia LLC, and that is why it is more convenient to use the trading tools which are provided by the company. Trading tools are plenty in the trading market, therefore, it is totally up to you to use anything. The best one is what the most fits to your trading style.

Forex Seminar:

XM passionately invests time and efforts in the seminar around the world. Currently, over 23 seminars in 12 countries are planned ahead in the last half year of 2019: Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia, Colombia, Chile, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Morocco. If you are a resident in one of the mentioned countries, you can can register by clicking the country’s icon.

XM Official Website

Those seminars are usually held from the morning to the late afternoon in a super luxurious hotel including complimentary meal. Besides of that, it is free of charge, honestly it is super generous of the seminar organizer in XM. Either you are Beginners or Experienced trader, anyway you can enjoy not only gaining trading skills but also spending the memorable time in a 5 star hotel.

Other features and options

Uncountable Award-winning broker

Since 2013 till now XM has been continuously awarded with financial related significant prizes. This shows the fact that the broker is trust-able, consistent, and advancing forward without stagnation while many brokerage go to decline as the time passes. The awards’ list is lined up in the site that you may like to check it up.

If you are ready, sign up an account today

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