Who is XBPrime?

XBPrime offers you a complete set of tools and support in order to elevate what could be a standard trading experience to a complete environment where you call the shots.

XBPrime is there to assist you in achieving a complete and responsible trading experience focused on you, your needs and the goals you have set.

Location South Africa
Financial License FSCS in South Africa
Foundation 2019

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XBPrime – Solution for Online Forex and CFDs Trading

Through its unique network of associates XBPrime brings you, the client, the sum of years of experience from the Inter-bank, Wholesale and Retail Forex markets.

In order to ensure that XBPrime’s client trading benefits with the most competitive conditions, according to the markets demands, XBPrime provides the following advantages:

  • Straight-through processing (STP) that allows us to pass the lowest possible spreads, starting from 0.0 pips, directly from the liquidity providers.
  • Real-time market Execution with No re-quotes.
  • Flexible Leverage up to 1:500.
  • Automated trading through Expert Advisors (EAs).
  • Hedging and Scalping allowed.
  • 24/5 Live multi-lingual support.

Experience Forex trading with the same trading conditions usually only available for professional traders and institutions.

XBPrime gives you access to optimal trading conditions such as extremely low institutional raw spreads, no re-quotes and ultra fast execution with a minimal initial deposit.

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Why trade Forex and CFDs with XBPrime?

XBPrime is the choice of experienced traders and pros because XBPrime provides optimal trading conditions with total transparency.

No re-quotes or any interference with trades and all trades are executed ultra fast.

XBPrime’s trading cost is also very low compared to most retail brokers.

Your funds will be held in segregated accounts in XBPrime’s partner banks.

There will be no unnecessary delays with funds withdrawals and in most cases they are done within 24 hours from XBPrime receiving the request.

For additional security and best trading experience, XBPrime uses the world’s most popular trading platform, Metatrader5 (or MT5).

The mobile, Android and iPhone versions of the MT5 are also available for you.

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XBPrime is a STP online broker

XBPrime’s one of the greatest advantage is the execution model, STP (Straight Through Processing).

In this model, XBPrime is the intermediary between the client and the provider of liquidity.

Warrants customers model STP is automatically redirected to the liquidity provider for the broker receives a commission and a portion of the spread.

Here, the XBPrime is interested in the growth of trade volumes, as its income is directly related to the number of transactions carried out by customers.

Between the broker applying STP, and the client, there is no conflict of interest.

On all accounts of XBPrime, all orders are executed by the Bridge, connected to a provider of liquidity.

Such orders transmitted to the processing directly to the provider.

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XBPrime’s ECN Technology unites Liquidity Poviders

In keeping with ECN business model, the XBPrime Company carefully selected the best in the world liquidity providers and concluded with each of them of a cooperation agreement to provide XBPrime’s traders with access to the widest possible liquidity and qualitative execution of orders at the best prices on the Forex market.

1. What is market liquidity?

The term “liquidity” is understood as such condition of certain goods, resources, securities at which they can be acquired or realized quickly and without essential losses in the price.

The highest level of liquidity are cash assets.

In case of XBPrime MT5, the main indicator of liquidity is trading volume.

Than more transactions are concluded with one or another asset, than higher its liquidity.

The daily volume of trade in the FOREX market amounts to trillions of US dollars, which exceeds many times the volume of world stock market. That is why the FOREX market has the highest liquidity.

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2. How ECN market liquidity can benefit traders?

In practice FOREX trading “liquidity” means, first of all, the ability quickly sell or buy one or another currency in the necessary volume.

Therefore, tools, which can be quickly sell or buy call highly liquid, and assets, the sale or buy of which takes a lot of time is low-liquid.

Liquidity provide market-makers, large participants of the market (such as banks), than more market-makers provide liquidity of the company, than higher the probability that the transaction will be possible to perform, regardless of the time and the trading sessions in the different countries of the world.

The aggregator (provider) of liquidity, such as XBPrime, is the large participant of the market uniting in a network the largest banks of the world, financial institutions and the funds, forming pool of a stream of the prices, quotations and news to smaller participants of the market such as brokers, the dealing centers, etc.

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Trading Conditions of XBPrime MT5

XBPrime provides multiple trading account types on MT5 trading platforms.

The main trading conditions of XBPrime MT5 is as follows.

Available Markets Forex, Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Metals, Energies, Cryptocurrency
Trading Platform MT5 (Windows, MAC, Android, iPhone, iPad)
Required Deposit Amount 50 USD
Maximum Leverage 1:500
NBP (Negative Balance Protection) Supported for accounts
Minimum Spread 0.0 pips
Spread Type Floting
Stop Out % 30%

For more information about XBPrime’s trading conditions, please XBPrime Official Website.

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What you can invest with XBPrime MT5?

XBPrime MT5 provides traders the access to over 12,000 financial markets through one trading account.

You can see the list of available financial instruments in XBPrime Official Website

The offered financial markets by XBPrime can be categorized into the followings.

  1. Foreign Exchange
    Forex FX or Foreign, Exchange Market is a network of the largest financial Institutions in the world such as central banks, commercial Banks.
  2. Futures
    The principle of buying and selling for future delivery has characterized the markets for over a Century and a half in Physical commodities, mainly metals and staple food.
  3. CFDs (Contract for Difference)
    The principle of buying and selling for future delivery has characterized the markets for over a Century and a half in Physical commodities, mainly metals and staple food.

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1. Forex market

The Forex market is the interbank market exchange of all relevant international currencies at free quotes, possessing high liquidity and allowing, as a result, to get significant profit of investments.

Start working on Forex with XBPrime, the right decision because:

  1. Trading conditions on XBPrime MT5 demo accounts as close as possible to the real interbank conditions, and on the real accounts are competitive interbank.
  2. A wide choice of trading instruments and types of accounts for XBPrime MT5, each of which gets a number of liquidity providers.
  3. Unavailable for other participants of the interbank market conditions. Minimum deposit is 50 USD, minimum lot and its increment-from 0.01, leverage up to 1: 500 on XBPrime MT5.
  4. 24-hour support in a mode 24/5 by XBPrime, online help section, articles and learning for trading on FOREX.

Invest in Forex with XBPrime

2. CFD markets

XBPrime has been in the financial services industry since 2019 and has given many investors access to CFD trade through its forex trading platform, MetaTrader5 (MT5).

The two prime reasons that attract investors to the CFD trading on XBPrime MT5 are, Pricing simplicity and Diverse underlying instruments.

CFD Trading through XBPrime MT5 allows the use of many instruments.

When you decide to trade with XBPrime, you get the benefit of choosing and combining the following classes of investment instruments:

  • Equity Indices
    XBPrime allows trading of US, European and Asian equity indices. Among the tradable US equity indices, XBPrime has DJIA, NASDAQ, S&P 500; among European equity indices, XBPrime has DAX, FTSE, CAC 40; and among Asian equity indices ASX, Nikkei, HIS.
  • Commodities
    XBPrime MT5 provides flexible trading opportunities for CFD online trading. XBPrime allows the trading of commodities such as agricultural commodities, gold, silver and oil.
  • Stocks
    Invest in stocks of world’s famous and popular companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Google, Facebook and Tesla.

Invest in CFDs with XBPrime

XBPrime MT5 (MetaTrader5) trading platform

For a successful trading, XBPrime offers MT5 (MetaTrader5) Terminal, which is by far the most versatile multi-purpose terminal, designed for professional work in international financial markets.

The open API is world’s most popular trading platform MeatTrader5, XBPrime has realized the possibility of withdrawal of client transactions through special protocols on the inter-bank market.

On any PC that has Internet access, you can carry out transactions on the inter-bank currency market Forex trading on the best terms offered by XBPrime.

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Why trade Forex and CFDs on XBPrime MT5?

  • Direct access to inter-bank liquidity. Trade with the world’s leading banks.
  • Privacy of transactions and the protection of the trading account from any outside interference.
  • Direct execution of orders (Non Dealing Desk execution, NDD).
  • A full technical analysis, due to the large amount of built-in indicators and line studies, the ability to write custom indicators and trading strategies.
  • The presence of trading signals with a flexible system of configuration.
  • Ability to use and program trading advisors in the language of Meta Quotes Language 5.
  • Support for various types of charts: bar, candle, line.
  • The possibility of the problem of different time periods: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
  • Automate the process of trade, with the support of advisers – Expert Advisors.

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How to start trading Forex with XBPrime?

Open an account with a licensed South Africa based broker and start trading with the worlds most popular Forex trading platform, MT5.

  1. Complete online registration with XBPrime
  2. Receive confirmation emails from XBPrime with login credentials
  3. Login to XBPrime’s client portal from XBPrime Official Website
  4. Make a deposit (follow the on-screen instructions for fund transfer)
  5. Login to XBPrime MT5
  6. Start trading
XBPRime MT5 can be downloaded for free from XBPrime Official Website.

Your funds are always safe with XBPrime as all client funds are kept in a segregated account.

XBPrime offers a new new way of trading with extremely low market spreads, low commissions, no re-quotes, full ECN, STP and DMA and absolute transparency with the latest trading technology.

Open XBPrime Real or Demo Account

Open a Demo (Virtual) Forex trading account on XBPrime MT5

Try XBPrime MT5 out now and open a free practice account.

It will allow you to see how tight spreads are and test your EA’s and trading in an environment very close to the real trading conditions.

When opening the demo, it is important that you don’t use the MT5 account activation function.

Instead use the account number you receive from the demo activation page together with the password and you need to see that on your charts in order to get our optimized trading conditions.

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Fund Withdrawal from XBPrime MT5 accounts

To make a fund withdrawal from your MT4 trading account, please send a request from XBPrime’s client portal.

You can login to XBPrime’s client portal from the Official Website.

Once XBPrime receives your withdrawal request, the process of withdrawal starts immediately during normal business hours.

Depending on the location of your home bank and withdrawal method, you should receive your funds within 1 to 72 hours.

Any bank transfer fees charged by our banking institution will be deducted from the gross amount.

These fees don’t usually exceed $20.

On top of that your banking institution may apply additional transaction fees.

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XBPrime’s Copy Trading Service – XBSocial

XBPrime offer you and your clients an investment alternative while having the robust tools needed to easily manage their accounts for them.

XBPrime offers those trading-pooled or individual-client funds the ability to offer Foreign Exchange as an investment option thgough XBSocial.

With consistent price fills and access to a sophisticated trading platform and reporting tools, XBPrime’s XBSocial has a proven track record of supporting FX money managers and their clients.

  • Flexible fee structure that works for you and your clients through XBSocial.
  • Establish a cash-or pip-based fee structure for your clients or develop a personalized fee structure on a per client basis or by trade definition.
  • A transactional management, or performance based fee can also be implemented at your discretion.

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Real Time Trading and Reporting

XBSocial’s proprietary reporting tools offer money managers a comprehensive and efficient way to manage pooled customer funds and track portfolio performance.

Accessible online, the system automatically journals percentages of your transactions from your master account into your client’s sub accounts at the close of each trade.

XBPrime also supports the needs for money managers who wish to execute trades and place orders on a per account basis.

Reporting capabilities are available directly within the application, as well as real-time margin and P/L.

Of course, your individual clients may access only their own information at any time.

XBSocial’s MT5 trading platform features quality execution capabilities, as well as advanced and easy to use order entry and position management tools, all in a secure and robust environment.

A full suite of decision support tools, from charting to research, news and more, is also included.

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24/5 multilingual support for all investors

XBPrime’s partner services team is dedicated to providing full account management support to XBPrime’s money managers and your clients.

As part of XBPrime’s service, they oversee end of month customer statements, P/L and dollar commission reporting, volume and partner revenue reporting, automated lead generation reporting and many other functions, freeing up your valuable time.

If you want to become a money manager or investor of XBPrime, speak with XBPrime’s team and let them build a game plan together that will fit your needs and that of your clients.

Getting started is quick and easy.

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Mission of XBPrime?

The main goal of XBPrime, the quality and reliability of its services to the clients and partners, based on the use of the latest tools and technologies.

XBPrime tries to fully meet the desires and needs of traders, the most flexible and individual approaching to the needs of each customer.

Employees of XBPrime, round-the-clock watching the situation at the largest financial sites of the world with the purpose of search and introduction of innovative and user-friendly technological solutions in the process of trafficking.

XBPrime showed itself as a reliable partner in establishing their own business, for both customers and partners.

Now, XBPrime’s clients receive a first class service with strict observance of all rules of confidentiality and security.

The mutual relationships between the clients and partners with the company correspond to understand and simple positions:

  1. Openness
    Openness is the client always has the opportunity to receive advice from our competent specialist.
  2. Transparency
    Internal system of work XBPrime laws and is mutually beneficial and open to partners and customers.
  3. Confidentiality
    Confidentiality of information provided by customers and partners is securely protected and eliminating all possible risks of its use.

The XBPrime is proud of the quality of services offered to its customers and business partners.

XBPrime has created the most favorable conditions for profitable investments and successful business that do not depend on experience or the size of the client’s investments.

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