Who is OctaFX?

OctaFX is a international brokerage who won more than 20 global trading awards for its excellence. The company is founded in 2011 and registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with registration number 19776 IBC 2011. Their main support office is based in St. Vincent, and the service is supposed in twelve multinational languages.

The company has a vast range of latest services such Cryptocurrency, C-Trader, CopyTrading. Also, OctaFX contributes diversely in the society by joining the sponsorship program in the filed of sports. So far the company sponsored in a football club in England and for sports’ foundation and cup in Indonesia. Their social contribution other than business, would definitely help to raise the brand’ name and value in the local district and area. For more details check the latest information in the official site:

OctaFX Official Website

Advantages of OctaFX Service

For traders, it is critical task to research and dig in the details of service, mainly to find out what the advantages in trading are. Among loads of information it is not easy to observe what you want to know for advantages. OctaFX proudly states the major advantages as follows:

  • Lowest Spread
  • Swap Free
  • Negative Balance Protection
  • Fastest Execution

Swap Free account, so called Islamic account is very popular account in OctaFX. The company has won an award for Best Islamic Forex Account Broker 2017. This is a great acknowledgement for Islamic account that the company provides. If you consider It worthwhile to sign up, click the below link:

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Negative Balance Protection is a safety measure for traders whose trading balance falls down into minus balance due to sudden shift in the market. OctaFx can fix the minus balance to 0, which means that traders are NOT forced to put extra margin to fix the balance. The other brokers without this system would ask you to add extra margin to put in case the balance goes to negative. Now you understand why you can select OctaFx as a trading partner.

OctaFX Official Website

OctaFX Company Information

OctaFX is founded in 2011 with registration number 19776 IBC 2011 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. As a trader, it is mandatory to check and where clients ‘s fund is reserved.

The company is transparent in their security and safety measure. The fund security is assured in that the clients’ fund is segregated from the company’s fund. The statement of segregated account is clearly mentioned in the official website, which gives traders a sense of safety.

OctaFX Official Website

OctaFX’s Trading and Service Conditions

OctaFX is well-balanced broker in that the number of trading instruments, line-up of platform, copy trade, partnership program are all in organized and well-cared. It is impressive about the balance of service is considered well rather than providing all types of services which looks like a wholesale forex department store.

OctaFX provide trading instruments such as forex, precious metals, index, Cryptocurrency in MetaTrader4, MetaTrader 5, and C-Trader ECN accounts. Traders need to check the favorite instruments if they are offered in each account.

Scalping and the other strategies

OctaFX allows scalping, hedging and other strategies. However, arbitrage is not allowed, therefore, those who may attempt to do it, eventually, the account will be suspended. BestFx would recommend you to contact the support desk if you have a particular strategy in mind.

Cryptocurrency Trading with OctaFX

In order to take ahead of the time, it is imperative to go along with the trend. OctaFX understands the increasing number of trading in cryptocurrency. They offers now 3 tyees of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. Major advantages of trading cyptocurrency in OctaFX are:

  • Easy and convenient introduction to cryptocurrency
  • Trading in the trusted broker
  • Highly volatile market

OctaFX Official Website

Copy Trading

OctaFX’s Copy Trading is so easy to handle it. Whether you are a non-trader or experienced trader, you are able to get a profit out of it if the performance is positive.
A trader who does not want to trade and simply to copy a master trader, you can apply it from the official website, and start it. Only you need to do is to invest and choose the right and best master trader for you.

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OctaFX’s trading Account Type

OctaFX provides 3 types of accounts in different platform, which makes the choice of accounts more distinctive: Macro, Pro, ECN. There are no complexities of structure in each account and traders can easily understand which account is suitable for them.

Macro Pro ECN
Recommended Deposit $100 $500 $100
Max Leverage 1:500 1:200 1:200
Min.Spread from 0.4 0.2 0
Recommended for Novice Trader Experienced Trader Progressive Trader
Platform MT4 MT5 C Trader

Select your favorite account and sign up today!

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Fund Deposit and Withdrawal with OctaFX

The most important agenda for payment method is safety and security. OctaFX puts the stress on and re-states the secure transaction and SSL-protected personal area. Traders can use 4 methods:visa credit card, Skrill, Neteller and Bitcoin for payment method.

Method Min.Deposit Amount
Visa $5
Skrill $50
Neteller $50
Bitcoin 0.00045BTC

Are you ready for deposit? Then, click below

OctaFX Official Website

Bonus Promotions of OctaFX

The uniqueness of OctaFX is the simple way to introduce their promotions that they do not spend much focus for marketing. How transparent is that, currently they run demo contests, called ‘Champion’ and ‘C-trader Weekly’ and Deposit bonus. For those who are new to trade in forex, these two demo contests are great opportunities to start with because you are not requested to deposit fund in the first place. The contestants compete the profitability in trading and highest performers would get awards.
OctaFX Official Website

The bonus promotion, “50% Deposit Bonus” is for someone to trade intensely because once you get a 50% bonus, you are obliged to trade the lot divided half of deposit. For example, you may receive $200 bonus, then you are supposed to tradethe lot divided by half, which means 100 lots. It looks apparently a lot to meet the terms and conditions forbonus.

OctaFX Official Website

A free trading signal promotion, Autochartist, is a useful promotion. You do not have to make a trading decision but just following the signal provider, you can trade.

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OctaFX’s Trading Tools

OctaFX provides several trading tools, and the most innovative one that BESTFX can praise about is the Account Monitoring Tool.

When you trade, do you trade alone at your home, office or on move?
If you trade at home alone, it can be a ‘lonely work’. But, with Account Monitoring tool you may not feel lonely while trading by yourself. OctaFX offers an amazing tool, which can show the list of information:traders’s nick name, account type, the number of trade, performance.

You can refer to see how other traders in OctaFX are doing. Also, by adding your account into the monitoring, your trading performance will be watched by other traders. This is really inspiring if you are doing excellent, because you could be getting a chance to be followed by other traders.

For further details, check the official website and sign up today!

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Other features and options

Investing or trusting on unknown someone ’s trading skill is not easy whether he is experienced or professional. However, if you can check the performance of someone whom you chose as a master trader and you can copy his trading, then the Copy Trading sounds much reasonable and safer.

OctaFX created a exclusive social trading space between followers (to copy) and master (to be copied). As the information of trading performance is highly transparent, it became so much easier for copiers to find favorite trading masters. You can register to open a copy account in the ‘copytrading’ tab in the official website. It is worth registering now!

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