Who is FXGlory?

Fxglory is founded in 2011 in the U.A.E by a team of financial professionals. Since then, the company has been operating their exclusive services to the public and expanding their branches in Asia and Europe.
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Fxglory focuses on the quality of client services and generous promotion. In terms of service, beginners and professionals both can be accommodated in the appropriate account types. The company offers the lowest funding amount1 dollar’ in the standard account. Also, pay attention to the the maximum size of leverage offered in Fxglory, 1:3000 is incomparable to none of leading brokerage. In this term, Fxglory can offer the glorious potential of earnings to their clients.

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The advantage of Fxglory

Fxglory is a solid and established financial broker, who does not launch an extravagant advertisement like other brokers. However, the high level of their service quality is well-known to those with a discerning appreciation in finance sector. The advantage of the services are diversified.The company offers fixed and low spreads, swap-free accounts, prompt payment system in deposit and withdrawal, 24/7 client support. As you may already know, no other broker can beat the offer of leverage up to 1:3000.

Deposit Funds to FXGlory

If you are newbie in trade, and still unsure about starting to trade in Fxglory, you can take an advantage to begin from 1 dollar deposit in the standard account. The more you trade, the more you could increase the trust in trading. Once you gain the confidence of trading, you can even open different account among four different types of accounts. These is no commission included at all.

FXGlory Official Website

Fxglory Company Information

Fxglory was established in 2011 and acquired the company license from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Their clients’ fund are segregated from the company’s fund and kept in banks, therefore it is safe and only used to refund clients in case of insolvency.

The security and safety of clients’ information are at its prime concern. The company implemented the encryption strategy on the whole website.

FXGlory Official Website

Fxglory’s Trading and Service Conditions

Fxglory offers Forex and Commodities as trading instrument are a forex trader, you can enjoy the total 34 currency pairs from major currencies to minor currencies. In terms of commodities, they have gold, silver, platinum and palladium besides popular crude oil. The number of tradable instruments depend on the type of provided accounts. It is advisable to check the account type in prior to start trading if you may want to a specific instrument.

FXGlory Official Website

Fxglory provides MT4 platform as a trading platform, which is the most popular and widespread platform globally. The indication of trading hours in MT4 accords with GMT(Greenwich Mean Time). The entire trading time is from 22.00 pm Sunday evening to 22.00 Friday evening. The trading operation is 24 hours around the clockwise.

Partnership Program

It is worthwhile to mention that Fxglogy provides White Label Program other than Introducing Broker program. Introducing Broker program can resemble to affiliate program, while White Label Program is to offer its trading products and platform branded by a broker for presentation to its traders in public.

FXGlory Official Website

Customer Service

With excellent missions’ statement, the company also focus on the the customer support and do their best in client service. It operates for 24 hours / 5 days in order to attend clients’ enquiries. The support offices are 4 different locations around the world besides their main offices.

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In Fxglory, the opportunity of trading cryptocurrency is still under discussion, however, clients are able to fund to their account by cryptocurrency. This may sound rather positive than no way to use the currency. It is also recommendable to suggest to Fxglory itself for your favored cryptocurrency so that in future the company may take it consideration.

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Fxglory’s Trading Account Types

There are 4 different types of accounts provided in Fxglory: Standard, Premium, VIP, CIP.
Each account is unique difference in minimum deposit, minimum lot size, leverage, bonus and so on. BestFX made it easier for our readers to check the main differences depending on your trading experiences.
As a Big Bonus to remind, all the accounts are Swap free account.

For Beginner/Intermediate Level

Before start trading, first you concern about can be an amount of fund you deposit. Fxglory knows the psychology of newbie and puts the hurdle level of depositing lower in Standard Account for you. You can start to fund from only one dollar, and can maximize the leverage up to 3000. In addition, you can get a bonus up to 500 dollars. Have you ever seen such an ideal account for newbies other than Fxglory?!

When it comes to Premium account, it is well-noted that the minimum amount of deposit is higher, maximum positions are bigger in number, and the amount of bonus. Well, this account is obviously for slightly experienced traders. You can still get a generous trading bonus up to 1000 dollars.

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Account Type Standard Premium
Min.deposit 1$ 1000$
Min lot size 0.01 0.1
Max lot 1 10
Max position 20 100
Leverage 1:3000 1:2000
Max bonus 500$ 1000$
Bonus percentage 50% 50%
Margin call/Stop out 60%/30% 50%/30%

For Intermediate/Advanced Level

VIP and CIP accounts offer much narrower spread and extended limit of trading volume. Therefore if you are eager to trade the higher volume with lower spread, these are the ones for you. In addition, VPS is provided for free. Unlike VIP account, in CIP account, there is no bonus provided. Instead, you get the most narrowest spread among 4 types of accounts.

Account Type VIP CIP
Min.deposit 5000$ 50,000$
Min lot size 0.1 1
Max lot 1000 5
Max lot 1000 10
Leverage 1:300 1:50
Max bonus 2000$ 0$
Bonus percentage 40% 0%
Margin call/Stop out 30%/10% 20%/10%

Fund Deposit and Withdrawal with Fxglory

In terms of payment methods, Fxglory provides eleven types of methods: Bank wire, credit card, several e-wallet, and cryptocurrency. The company extended the methods by accommodating their clients’ needs, and the update is being notified in their news. The traders in the globe may not have a difficulty in funding in such a client-centered FX brokerage.

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List of varieties of payment methods:


Deposit Method Minimum Deposit Minimum Withdrawal

Withdrawal Fee
Bank Wire 500$ 500$ Yes
Credit/Debit Card 50$ 10$ Yes
Cryptocurrency 1$ 5$ Yes
It is advantageous for credit/debit card users that the company offers 3 types of cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express.

E-wallet methods

Deposit Method Minimum Deposit Minimum Withdrawal Withdrawal Fee
Paypal 1$ 5$ Yes
Skrill 1$ 5$ Yes
Neteller 1$ 5$ Yes
Payza 1$ 5$ Yes
Sticpay 1$ 5$ Yes
OKPAY 1$ 5$ Yes
Webmoney 1$ 5$ Yes
Perfectmoney 1$ 5$ Yes

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Bonus Promotions of Fxglory

Fxglory is a well-known financial firm also in terms of giving generous Bonus Incentives. Traders can receive a Max 50% bonus up to 1000$ in three types of accounts:Standard/Premium/VIP accounts. Get a chance now to receive a bonus and try your good luck from Today!

Standard account 50%
Premium account 50%
VIP account 40%

Deposit Funds to FXGlory

When you open an account and make a deposit, you can get the bonus automatically by ticking the checkbox of bonus in the deposit page. It is not One Time Bonus, but for each deposit you can get it until reaching the total 1000$ bonus. It is simply easy and worthwhile trying it.

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Fxglory’s Trading Platforms and Tools

Fxglory is well equipped with Trading Platforms. Once you sign up with Fxglory, you can download the platform or simply use Webtrader without download.

  • Desktop Windows MT4 platform
  • Mobile MT4 platform
  • Webtrader

Are you curious about the futures and versions? Check the website Now!

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As a summary, BESTFX must mention that Fxglory has a full of potential to grow further as it has been offering attractive services from their establishment. Multiple financial instruments, attractive promotions, various payment methods, these futures are not far behind from the leading brokerage around the world. You can try and see first to prove this can be for you!

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